Move Your Workstation to a Secure, Anonymous, Untraceable Cloud for $20


Move your desktops to GoPC's protected cloud

Work securely from anywhere

Get trouble-free web surfing. Seamlessly connect to your local PCs and network.

Fully Manageable Network

Extend storage and share files through your own cloud.

No Windows License Fee

Get full Windows compatibility without the Windows price.

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Future-proof Protection

GoPC builds each user a brand new Linux virtual machine for each new session complete with the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. When finished, the machine is erased, leaving no history or record of the session.

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Build Your Network in Minutes

GoPC makes network administration as easy as clicking a button. Configure, build and create new networks with never-before-seen convenience and speed.

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We researched the GoPC cloud computing alternative and determined we could achieve the same result for $30,000 pa. That represented a 95% cost saving and refreshing our entire IT infrastructure. Our Directors said we couldn’t afford “not” to do it.


Luke Dillon
Pharmacy 777

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The most current software
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